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For dogs and cats

bon a PET eat

voor honden en katten

bon a PET eat

fur Hunde und Katzen

bon a PET eat

Para perros y gatos

bon a PET eat

Pour les chiens et les chats

bon a PET eat

Dov Avnon


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Brand New Automatic 7 Liter Food and Water Dispenser Ideal for Cats and Dogs

Average Retail: euro 49.00

(Patent PCT 2007/00071)


37 cm x 35 cm


BonaPeteat - The pets' food and water feeding dispenser, is made for both indoor and outdoor use. BonaPeteat, in its entirety, supplies dry food and water for a period of up to 10-14 days without the need for human intervention.


BonaPeteat was developed with constant consultations with the most professional veterinarians and went under prolonged tests with large and small pets providing terrific results.

BonaPeteat base is so strong and heavy, that even the largest pets won't be able to flip it over. Since it consists of only one solid piece, there are no moving parts which can break off.

Those pets which like to chew will be disappointed to see that this product doesn't have any sharp corners.

BonaPeteat is made of safe plastic material, approved for containing food, insuring your pets health and safety.

The food and water are kept fresh for the period of time up until refilling is necessary.

With a sturdy base containing 7 liters of water, and a feeding tank with 7 liters of dry food, this solution relieves us of having to feed our pets on a daily basis.


Clean the
BonaPeteat  with a detergent once a month and make sure that water has not entered the feeding tank.

After a short period of time, the pets get adjusted, and are then used to eating according to their needs.



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